Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The Real Skinny On Losing It" by Michelle McKinney Hammond

While this book's title may be reminiscent of another book by a diet mogul, the author's voice is unique. Hammond spends the first half of the book sharing her experience with body image. Her successes and failures are juxtaposed for all readers to see. The concept of yo-yo dieting is dissected, and the author gives her two cents on why she thinks they are unsuccessful. After the reader has come to like the author with her full share of phrases (girlfriend, you know, etc), they take her a bit more serious when she dives into the how of weight loss. Hammond speaks of many popular diets that she used--what she did and did not like. Taking a bit from each one, she tries to encourage readers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Spiritual fitness is incorporated into the book, as well. Some Bible verses are quoted, and some are only alluded to with footnotes. Also, at the end, there is a short list of recipes from the author herself.

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