Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Live like you Mean It" by T.J. Addingotn

As captivating and facetious as the title may be, this book poses some serious questions for readers to ponder. Issues like why you are here, what god wants for you, how you respond to God, and more are covered. With each, there are Bible verses included, although the book isn't stock full of them. The author tends to relate a lot of lessons to his own life and circumstances with those he has encountered. He even dives deep into the personal issues of heart failure and how he recovered. For new believers, many of these chapters will possibly ignite a fire in them to be proactive for Christ. For those that are a little more well versed, some of the concepts can seem redundant. However, for those Christians, this book serves best as a reference book to look up a particular question when the time arises as opposed to chugging straight through the book.

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