Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Always True" by James MacDonald + FREE Giveaway

This book covers five telltale promises of the Lord. They focus on fear, despair, failure, doubt, and faltering. With each promise, there are two chapters. One is stock full of Bible verses in bold that explain how God has been true in the history of the world. The other is a bit more theologically deep and makes sure readers really "get" what they were supposed to learn. What's nice is that there is a Bible verse to memorize for each promise. Some personal stories and eyewitness accounts are included that will engage the reader. At first I was skeptical about whether or not this book would be just about prosperity gospels. However, I feel there is enough evidence in the writing to point readers towards God and His everlasting peace more than just answers to prayers. The writing is not the most riveting at times, but the promises highlighted in the book make it an excellent resource whenever one falls into a trap of lies and needs a quick reminder that God cares for them and will never leave them nor forsake them (see Hebrews 13:5).

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bethanyclark831 said...

Hey Teresa,
You still have that extra copy of that book? I would love the opportunity to read it!

God is indeed faithful! I think that's why I hold to his promises. Yet, I still need a lot of improvement in this area. While I know he has plans for my life, I am quick to doubt. I am unsure why, because he's brought me through so much before.

Anyways, this sounds like a great book, and if you're giving it away, I'd love to read it and learn what the author has to say, and ultimately what the Holy Spirit has to say through the words.

Teresa Konopka said...

Congratulations; you've won. :D