Friday, December 31, 2010

"Hope, Help & Healing for Eating Disorders" by Gregory Lanz PhD with Ann McMurray

I thought I've seen it all from Christian self-help books. There were the fitness ones, the relationship ones, the emotional ones, and more. However, this is the first book focusing on eating disorders that has Christian undertones. Well, judging from the cover--and even the back cover--readers don't really know this. Only those familiar with the WaterBrook name will have an inkling. Still, the bulk of the book has to deal with clinical advice from professionals. Only small parts at the end of chapters involve the Bible, Jesus, and prayer. The book doesn't shove religion in one's face, but readers may come to know God as He is integrate into their healing process. There is a "whole person" approach that incorporates the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and other aspects of one's persona into recovery. There are some stories that readers may relate to. There are also questions and prompts designed for a superfluous journal not included with this book. Much focus is on diving deep into one's own person and realizing how one was hurt as a child. Forgiveness is discussed. Men are mentioned, too, so this is not just a book for women. Some of the writing may seem a bit "shrinky," but, in the introduction, the authors warn the readers that the book may not be easy but it will help. My only criticism is when the authors mention learning to love one's body and open up again to physical intimacy. I can only hope they mean confined to marriage, but this was equivocal.

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