Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Double Shot" by Erynn Mangum

This book is unusual in many senses of the word. From the cover, readers can be right in assuming the book is all about marriage. The protagonist Maya experiences weddings and births from friends and families. The book starts of with Maya being already engaged. Most of the book follows her relationships with friends and family, some interactions with her fiance, and planning her own wedding. The book is not graphic and ends right at the wedding of Maya and her groom. The only risque part is when it is mentioned how Maya's girlfriends buy her lingerie; I just think that's weird. Maya tries to discern God's will when it comes to moving. In the end, her decision is expected but not necessarily backed up fully. I wasn't too fond of the overly stereotypical woman who gets married and has to many hormones, but, the pages flew by. Also, there are some positive Christian undertones. I didn't even know this book was a third in a series until I finished and looked back at the first few inner pages.

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