Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Bridges on the Journey" by Busa, Fobes, Miller & Sanders

Some people are fans of devotionals that are as thick as the Bibles they cite. However, for those with less spacious schedules, smaller ones are sought. This book is split into 6 sections that deal with growing closer to God. Concise Bible quotations and leading questions condense loads of lessons into a small book. Diagrams and charts are alongside page art that makes the book seem fun. Also, its spiral binding and smooth clay-like cover make it seem like more of a personal journal than just a devotional. In the back, there are a few Bible verse note cards that can be detached for memorization; I like this. What's also great is that many parts of the book make the reader think of and relate to their friends. What do I like best about this book? It makes the devotionals personal without watering down the Gospel.

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