Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"The Discipline of Grace" by Jerry Bridges

As an avid lover sheep and book awards, this book immediately caught my eye. Going through it, I was pleasantly surprised. The Bible verses included were very inspirational and pertinent to the point the author was trying to make. Many overarching themes are in the book that growing Christians will find amazing and mature Christians will be reviewing. Either way, they are great for thinking of and encourage thought in all types of Christians. Many quotes are from Protestants, but the author never seems to put down more conservative Catholics. Most of the content of the book is accurate with the Bible and well-versed (no pun intended). Readers may not agree with everything said in context, but the overall theme of the book and tone has a very good set of intentions. Want to read about how grace works, how you can flee temptation, and what becoming holy means? Like books with sheep and book medals on the cover? Pick this book up.

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