Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Angry" by Larua L. Smith

Smith has done it again. I have reviewed one of her other books before and greatly enjoyed it; this one is no different. There is a teenage girl with a crisis that is not too extreme that no one has heard of it. The girl's parents get divorced. Even if readers do not have divorced parents, chances are they know friends that do. The protagonist faces much animosity towards her parents and towards God in her situation. She also dives into her school play to be someone else and escape for a while. I won't ruin the book, but I will say the girl comes to God at the end. Really, what else can be expected from "TH1NK" publishing, anyway? Not everything in the book is Christian, but non-Chrisitan girls reading he book will slowly ease into the character and not feel like she is judged. The cover did not strike me at first, but the book was easy and enjoyable to read.

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