Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Topical Memory System by The Navigators

This Bible memory system is a doozy! Inside the box, one will find two books and a little card holder. One book is full of exercises, quizzes, fill-ins, drills, and such that span thirty weeks. Instructions are given for what to do and what to think of as one tries to memorize verses. The other book is full of oodles of Bible verse cards. It is a tad tedious to tear out all the cards, and it is irritating when some rip in the process. However, once the reader is done with that task, they are geared to go. The verses are given in different translations. The card holder does not hold many cards. However, doing with the weekly plan, one would not have to hold / study all the cards at once. Overall, this system is nice for those that want to memorize verses. The cards are useful, and the instructional book is fun yet full of discipline. Best of all, the system encourages that readers think and pray over the verses they read. After all, one is more likely to actually memorize verses if they understand them and attribute special meaning to them.

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