Friday, October 29, 2010

In His Image Devotional Bible NLT

As always, whenever I get a Bible in the mail, my soul leaps and does a little jig. This case was no different. When I actually started reading this Bible after skimming past the jargon on how this translation is different from other ones and oh-so great (what almost EVERY other translation boasts), I started digging in. At the beginning of each book, there is a page on the central theme and aspects of God's character in the chapters. On the bottom of some pages, there are paragraphs on seeking to be more godly. On some pages, specific verses are emphasized in color; the main colors in the book are black and blue. On the right of some pages, there are reflections and a specific array prayers made by the editors that are repeated. This hardcover book does not include the extra Catholic books of the Bible.

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