Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Always: A Teen Devotional" by Melody Carlson

This devotional is unique in that it focuses on the actual words that came from Jesus' mouth. Each of the 90 devotionals start with Bible excerpts from Jesus and end with other Bible verses for reflection. In between, there are explanations and excellent analogies, as well as short prayers and an adage dubbed "stone for the journey." While the book is geared towards teenage girls, the messages are for all and can be read by any audience. [Male readers beware--there are printed flowers on the pages.] I felt compelled to read big chunks of devotionals instead of taking them one-day-at-a-time. As a reviewer, this is always the case, but even if I were just reading the book of my own volition, I still would have not taken the full 90 days as designated. Some may see that as a positive because the book is riveting; others may see that as a negative because they won't have a day-to-day devotional habit that lasts long. The call is up to the reader.

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