Thursday, August 19, 2010

"What Good is God?" by Philip Yancey

This interesting book is written by a Christian journalist. Readers are taken inside the most bizarre and frightening aspects of the world that make many think the world is going down the drain. From the Virginia Tech massacre to prostitution rings to communism to alcoholism to unfocused youth, Yancey covers it all. Not much Scripture is covered, and religion isn't forced upon the reader, but an underlying theme of grace prevails. Due to the graphic nature of some topics, this book should be for more mature readers. There are not explicit scenes or gory details, exactly, but just the idea of the many injustices in the book may make some turn away. Written with the objectivity of a journalist and the subtle subjectivity of a Christian, this book bridges the gap between old-school redemption and the contemporary world we live in.

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