Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Our Lady of Dreams" by Chanson Duvall

Seeing the Virgin Mary on the cover, I figured this book would be all right. Once I became immersed in the actual novel, I felt deceived. The New Age vibe that this book gives off reminds me of Mormonism. The teachings aren't the same, but it does represent a way of thinking (ironically dubbed religious) that showcases itself as tied to Christianity when it is in fact opposite and even heretic to Christian principles. Sure, the murder mystery part of the book is good. In my opinion, this behemoth of a book that approaches 600 pages should be slimmed so all the blasphemy is cut out and a plain murder mystery remains. Instead, there are all these diary entries about a cult leader and his football star disciple. Other deities are mentioned, too, as well as meditation. Jesus is put on the sideline as the "Lady of Dreams" assumes the messiah role. Good grief.

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