Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Lord's Prayer" by RT Kendall

Don't think anyone could write over 200 pages on the simple "Our Father who art in heaven" prayer? Think again. In Kendall's book, each line of the prayer is dissected in great detail. Even the history behind it, when it was said, and who Jesus said it to is expounded upon. An additional chapter even discusses what Jesus said to the crowd after He recited the prayer. The book has five parts and twelve chapters, so it is very reader friendly. The arguments are very dense and Protestant, though. As a Catholic, I don't necessarily agree with all that Kendall says and assumes / proclaims as fact. However, I still learned a lot about the Lord's prayer and the importance of prayer. I like how Kendall capitalizes pronouns when speaking about God. What I don't understand, though, is why he didn't capitalize them when quoting scripture. Also, while some Bible verses are quoted, others are just mentioned with the book title, chapter, and verse. I think, if he wanted to relate a topic to a Bible verse, no matter how small, he should have quoted it. All in all, Christan readers will not agree with everything Kendall says, but they'll appreciate digging into the "Our Father who art in heaven" for a change of pace.

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bethanyclark831 said...

Oh my goodness, Teresa... you critique books by R.T. Kendall?! He is pretty much in the Top 3 of my favorite Christian authors. :)