Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Exercising Your Soul" by Gary Jansen

This book is tiny and will be a quick read. However, considering its depth, it packs a mighty punch. There are close to 30 chapters, as well as the old and new stations of the cross. Bible verses are also included, as are several parables of Jesus. With these parables, the author does not impose some meaning on the reader. Rather, the reader is left with a set of questions so they can interpret it on their own and learn how it relates to them. Additionally, many anecdotes are given that are quite facetious. The purpose of this book is to revitalize prayer, meditation, and the overall state of one's soul. It is fun to read. I knew I'd like the book from the moment I read: "This strange little book you have in your hands is essentially a book on prayer. Not the namby-pamby...kind of prayer" (Jansen xiii).

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