Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Everything You Need To Know Before College" by Matthew Paul Turner

Knowing firsthand what the experience of college is like, this book was interesting to read. While it is said to be for students in general, the language / tone may be more geared towards male students. Relationships, money, learning, getting involved in extracurriculars, and more, are included. There are quotations and Bible verses interspersed, as well as many quips from the author himself. The manner in which the book is written makes it seem like the author is actually talking to the reader. There are many contemporary references made. Published with “TH1NK,” one would think the book is geared towards Christian students. While Jesus and God are in the book, the words do not scream Christian values and theology. For instance, the author says that students should not drink when underage yet does not say that one should not drink at all (drunkenness not being holy is alluded to a bit, though). Also, while abstinence is discussed lightly as being the better option, the book does include a part about being “safe” even if that sin befalls them. Is Turner not extremely judgmental and theological because he wants to keep students reading the book? Maybe. Either way, there is a subtle religious tone that does come out more towards the end. After all, with the “Message” quotes, Biblical tones and feelings are not conveyed that hard in the beginning. For hard-core Christian students, this book will be interesting but not perfect. For those raised with Christianity but not on-fire for Christ, or even atheists / agnostics, this book will get through to them, make them keep turning the pages, and maybe even think about God in college. Overall, not bad, but Turner’s “Hear No Evil” is much better (

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