Monday, August 23, 2010

"Everything Hurts" by Bill Scheft

This book involves fraud, comedy, ex-wives, self-help, and so much more. A lame (in every sense of the word) man writes a self-help book that is flimsy at best in an effort to get some alimony funds. When he actually meets a real self-help guru, the jokes start rolling. There are several jokes and innuendos about Jews, which the protagonist allies himself with. There is cursing, too. Sexual implications are alluded to, as well. Most of the jokes are crude and embarrassing. For those that don't like blue material or punchlines that make one feel a tinge of chagrin, this book is not for them. The plot is okay, but nothing special. The characters that are introduced do have depth, but they are not all the type that should be looked up to, unfortunately.

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