Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Eigth Scroll" by Laurence Brown

This book is about a long-lost scroll. Key to religion, it is supposed to be written by James of the Bible. Many archaeologists get killed and put in danger when they discover the information in the scroll. For a large part of the book, readers are kept in suspense, not knowing the full message of what the scroll says. When the reader finally reaches the point where it is revealed, there is a shock, as heresy goes flying everywhere. The the author use Scripture improperly to try and disprove major aspects of Christianity. Sure, these are utterances from characters, but they are still in the book. The scroll message says that Jesus was not crucified, did not teach atonement, and other heretic messages. Any strong Christian knows that what is in this book is not credible at all, and that the Gospel refutes such lies. Most disgusting of all, it is stated that the Pope knew about the scroll all along and just wants to cover it up. Did I mention the Pope is linked to the Mafia? As an Italian Catholic, I am outraged.

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