Monday, August 2, 2010

"A Crime to be Rich" by David Snowdon

I started this book with optimism. Seeing as how there is "This Book Is Dedicated To The Lord God Almighty, My Heavenly Father" on page five, I figured I'd finally gotten something good and wholesome to read. Right? Eh, that's tricky.

First, there are swear words. I dismissed that as just dialog. Then, women were described as having curves in right places and dresses like second skins. This was the narrator's opinion, and, granted there weren't graphic descriptions beyond that, I didn't like how women were described in that way. I'm all for wearing dresses, but I think the quality of the print and design should be noticed, not private parts (which, if they are popping out, means the woman needs to buy a size up).

Then, after murdering his own wife, the protagonist finds a new woman he wants to marry. While with her, he cheats on her with a married woman. No scene is expounded--thank God--but it is noted that the woman undresses. She is later dead. There is much killing and coveting of money.

The narrator quotes scripture every so often, and that takes the reader for surprise. As the book concludes, readers don't know if the protagonist will really turn his life to God. He alludes to it, but, alas, they don't know because the book just ends. The nice thing, though, is that, even with all the atrocities the protagonist / narrator did, I know that God would forgive him anyway if he repented.

This book would be best suited for a male atheist / agnostic reader with a sinful lifestyle. The book will hold his attention and make him see that living a life like that will lead to hell. Women probably won't like this book very much. As for strong Christians, the womanizing and murder in the book won't sit well with them.

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