Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites...and Other Lies You've Been Told" by Bradley RE Wright, PhD

Stock full of statistics, charts, and graphs, Wright aims to disprove statistics that are profuse in the media. Sound like an oxymoron? Yes. However, Wright does his job and does it well. With all the lies being tossed around—some of which come from the mouth of so called Christians—some people don’t know what to believe anymore. Is Christianity dying out? Are all the youths leaving the church? Wright’s data classifies evangelists, Protestants, Catholics, other religions, and the non-affiliated. He also compounds data with respect to how often Christians go to mass. Topics like crime and love are covered, too. While much of the prose targets evangelists, the book as a whole stands for all readers. Wright tries his best to sound objective, and, as a university professor, I suppose he’s used to it. Christian readers are left wanting more of Jesus in the book. The feel of this book is that it doesn’t make others want to convert; it just makes us Christians feel less like we’re caving in on ourselves. This book leaves much to be desired, but it is still entertaining. My favorite line: “Evangelical Christianity in particular, and Christianity as a whole, is doing a pretty good job of being the church…Celebrate…Give a high-five to the person sitting next to you in church next Sunday” (Wright 213).

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