Thursday, August 19, 2010

"About You" by Dick Staub

The term "fully human, fully alive" comes up quite a lot in this book, and it seems to be at the core of what the author is trying to convey. Perhaps it has to do with semantics, but I kept going back and forth with myself over whether or not this book was good in a Christian sense. At first, I got the idea that the book would puff people up too much and be one of those self-help books that puts God on the back cover but not in the actual pages. However, God and Jesus are actually mentioned a lot. They are in there, along with mentions of the Trinity and the Creator. Bible verses are quoted every so often, as well. A good thing was when Staub said that men are god-like but not God. If this book said otherwise or alluded to Mormonism, I would have had to burn it. Alas, it did not, and Staub earned some brownie points from this reviewer. Another point was when the author claims Jesus didn't come to make people Christian but to make them fully alive. Then, it is stated that the glory of God is man being fully human. (When I say man or men, I mean in the general sense as to include women.) Afterwards, I read about how Staub sees sin as something that separates man from being fully human. So, back to semantics, I think Staub has the right idea but just frames it in a way that may make readers have to re-read passages and find good aspects of the book where they see the mark of a Christian. Overall, the book is intriguing and puts some perspective on how humans are made in the image of God. But, for crying out loud, the author should have just boldly said that Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father and that everyone's purpose in life is to glorify Him. The messages in the book are wishy-washy, but aspects of it make readers know Staub is a Christian. Staub, next time you write a book, be more BOLD like the apostles in Acts!


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