Monday, July 26, 2010

"Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants" by Jeanne Kraus and illustrated by Diana Arneson

One may glean from this book that it is a collection of funny stories for an older audience. However, for older readers, an unexpected surprise will come that is not very pleasant. From just depressing to downright unpleasant, this book has it all. While some aspects may be meant to be taken in jest, there is no mistaking that anyone who receives this book better have a twisted sense of humor--or else, they will be greatly upset upon receiving this gift. Certain stories are perverse to the point that I am ashamed to even write them down. Also, changing bodies and bodily functions are discussed with candid humor that may not bide well with those who actually have the same issues. Swear words are included, too. Overall, this book does not do justice to the older generation.


Jeanne said...

It was interesting to see your review of my book here.I think that the intent of the book, while not appreciated by someone such as you, makes a definite point to the people who will enjoy it. For example, I will be sharing it to a group of stroke victims who need just that type of humor in order to carry on with their basic necessities. And the Baby Boomers Fan Club for the book is growing. Sorry you could not enjoy it.
Wait till you're 60.Things sound hilarious then.

Teresa Konopka said...

You are right that I am not part of the prime audience your book targets. No matter how old I get, I hope I never fall into a category that finds crudeness entertaining. When I'm 60, I'll let you know how things are going. God bless. :)