Monday, July 12, 2010

"Touching the Clouds" by Bonnie Leon

This book had parts I greatly liked and disliked. First off, as an aeronautical engineer, I was biased towards any book that involves an adventurous female pilot. While the flying descriptions brought me a feel of nostalgia, they left something to be desired for the technical reader in me; also, some simple flight mechanics were not expounded upon for those who may not be familiar with flying. The writing itself was somewhat dry, and the real suspense came a good two-thirds of the way into the book. As for the romance, it is a good PG rated and not graphic. The book is suitable for all readers, but younger ones should be cautioned against one action of harassment in the book. The religion in the book is subtle, with a Bible verse or two juxtaposed against the wonder of God's creation. Those who are literary inclined may be annoyed when sentences that start with "I wonder why" end with question marks. All in all, the book was nice with a few slow parts. Had I not been a flight enthusiast, I may have plain (no pun intended) put the book down.

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I enjoyed Touching the Clouds very much! Bonnie Leon's book was intriguing and made me smile!

I thought this novel compared very well with others in the world of Christian historical fiction. It had numerous tricks and turns that kept me turning one page after another well into the night.

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