Monday, July 26, 2010

"Public Schools Are Archaic" by MR Ussery and SR Pargman (Editor)

The organization and grammar in the book is excellent. Oftentimes, authors neglect to hire editors. Ussery made a good choice with his. What's great about this book is that it tries to not offend. In the beginning, Ussery says he means no offense to schoolteachers and even says he acknowledges all the hard work they do. Diving into the prose, Ussery discusses what's wrong with our school systems (both public and private) and how they don't always benefit children on the individual scale to cater to their specific learning needs. Examples from the air force are compared to Ussery's idyll. While riveting in its detail and highly interesting, what's sad about thus book is that it is obvious that there is not going to be some huge educational reform just yet. Maybe some day, yes. But for now, things will most likely stay the same for at least a few years. Besides that sad realization, this book is engaging if not a bit pushy.

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