Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Perfectly Dateless: A Universally Misunderstood Novel" by Kristin Billerbeck

This book is a bit slow in the beginning, and--to be honest--a bit cliched. However, Billerbeck works her magic and makes the pages keep turning once engrossed in the story (this happens after the first few chapters). In the end, there are some great messages and realizations for women--especially young girls--that make the book worthwhile. First off, there's the notion that the guy women peg as mister perfect may not be so perfect after all. He may not be how we envisioned he'd be...even if we've known who he was for a few years. The next lesson is that God puts your soul mate in your life on His time. It may not even be someone you expect or someone you'd pick yourself. Another interesting lesson is that guys will and will not like women regardless of how the women think they appear--that's just how it is. This book reminds me of Twilight in the sense that there are some plot holes and cheesy moments that don't make sense, but women still identify with the characters and lose themselves in the story. The protagonist is a sheltered Christian teen trying to get a prom date. She is forced to dress very conservatively, and has a victimized high school reputation. At the very end of this book, women will rest assured, knowing that boyfriend or no boyfriend, God loves them above all. I won't spoil the ending, but readers will be unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised at how the author ends a predictable story.

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