Monday, July 26, 2010

"Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times" by Jerry Teplitz

Like a pretty flower with holes missing from bug bites, this book falls short of excellence. The positive idea of managing stress is providential. Tips on exercise, nutrition, optimism, and more are encouraging. Facial massages and yoga poses are interesting, as well. Meditation tips are thorough, and relaxation techniques are actually helpful. What is creepy that some pictures are naked drawings of people. While they are not 100% detail, there is enough to make it not suitable for younger readers. I see no reason why charcoal art pictures of people equip with butt cracks and other details can not be replaced with more appropriate cartoon silhouettes that leave such details out. Also, the last chapter involves using--um, er--relations to reduce stress. Never mind that partners [and not spouses] are discussed (eye roll). What is disgusting is the promotion of perverse fornication for stress relief with more repulsing pictures. Yuck!

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