Friday, July 30, 2010

"Living With Evolution or Dying Without It" by Koratsky

As a self-proclaimed Christian, your first guess is right--I don't believe in evolution. However, I believe reading Koratsky's book did me some good. After 600+ pages of eyelid drooping detail, I still think evolution is a bunch of hooey and fervently adhere to my creationist viewpoint. Hooray.

In this book, evolution is discussed from the tiniest of creatures to the biggest. Large spans of history are covered, and there is even an expandable guide in the back that has eras and such. After going through the science-y part (which anyone who has taken high school biology, chemistry, and earth science can understand), the people part comes in.

Religion is discussed, as many world views are given from way back to the current age. Oddly, Koratsky does not openly trash religions. He merely speaks about them as if they are part of history. What's sad to me is that he does not recognize that Christianity is the only way. Then again, from an evolutionist, what was I expecting anyway, right?

From business to war to the difference between males and females, this brick of a book covers it all. Given the immense nature of the book, Koratky slips in thoughts about some people having more worth than others and how gender equality is nonsense. Overall, this book is as riveting as a history textbook but should not be taken seriously.

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