Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Hot" by Laura L. Smith

Flash back to high school. Lindsey has killer looks, and a hockey star has caught her eye. She makes it her mission to get his attention, and--surprise, surprise--she does. As their relationship progresses, things escalate between them. Lindsey must choose between God and the things of this world. A secret about her best friend trumps readers. Family problems at home that surface also make the story believable and have the reader lost in Smith's world. I'm not going to spoil this book, but what I will say is that what makes this book different is that it has a Christian perspective and Lindsey's beau is actually genuinely in love with her. He isn't just some jerk looking to use her; he really wants to be with her forever. This makes the impact of Lindsey's decisions unpredictable and tangible to the reader. Smith has done quite a job building up the beau's character. This book is short, but it goes by slowly, as if Smith carefully chooses each word. The romance is not at all graphic, but the emotion is real. "I need Noah right now like a magazine needs a cover girl" (Smith 106). The ending will leave readers satisfied but also pondering Lindsey's future with Noah.

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