Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Waiting for Jack" by Kristen Moeller

This book is an irony in itself. It is a book about not relying on self-help books, which, in essence, makes it a self-help book, but I digress. The book is structured nicely. The author inserts most intimate secrets about herself, including bulimia and traumatic childhood / college events. The Jack noted in the title is actually a self-help guru and author. He even has written the foreword of this book. The author had contacted Jack heavily, and, after not hearing back from him in a while about her concerns, she decided to take matters into her own hands and make her own decisions instead of seeking the constant advice of others. Each chapter has a title that relates to the word jack, with a card image like that of a playing deck. The main message of this book are nice, and the intent sincere. The author claims to believe in God--and even quotes one Bible verse--but she does not talk outright about Jesus. There are even Buddhist quotes included and one drawing on the behemoth on a card. In general, the book is interesting but not spiritually filling. She even writes, "...based on the belief we have a hole within us that needs to be this hole really there? Nothing is missing" (Moeller 127). Clearly, Moeller does not see how dearly she needs Jesus in her life. For those truly looking for help with personal issues, pick up the Bible, not "Waiting for Jack."

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