Friday, May 14, 2010

"Branding Basics" by Maria Ross

"Branding Basics for Small Businesses: How to Create an Irresistible Brand With Any Budget" by Maria Ross is a book on marketing in the simplest sense. She goes deep into marketing definitions, myths, and differentiations with branding, advertising, and so forth. Also, stories from personal small business owners are incorporated to add a person touch. Readers truly gage that Ross knows what she is talking about. Everything is written in simple terms but the breadth of it is enormous in terms of content. Even the papers that came with this book were unique and "branded" nicely (some review books come with author bio / book summary / book praise papers included for the reviewer). The only thing is that Ross sells herself short. While her book's title makes it seem like only small business owners can utilize this book, it is quite clear that any business owner (whether that business be small or large) can benefit from the advice in this book.


Red Slice said...

Thanks Teresa for the great review. Happy to here my message is getting through so I can help businesses be brilliant. The book officialy launches on June 2, but pre-launch copies can be purchased at Thanks again!

Teresa Konopka said...

You're welcome!

God bless,