Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Questionable Therapy" by Steve Godofsky

"Questionable Therapy" by Steve Godofsky is an unusual thriller. The main character is Stacy. She is married to Rick. Both go to Dr. Kraus for psychological therapy. Stacy has a family history of alcoholism and mental health issues. She is a neat freak and has a touch of OCD. Rick is a controlling man that needs to have the upper hand and be the best in all situations. While Rick is off at law school, Stacy stays home and works a job that she strives to succeed at, even though it is second to her real dream job. Depression gets the best of Stacy, and she performs dangerous actions that are outlined in the book. Rick is fed up with Stacy's actions, and he cheats on her both emotionally and physically. Things turn deadly when a man lust for Stacy. The author does a good job here. Readers think the menace is one character--it's predicable and obvious, they say--but it is really another. There are some tiny typos and the unlikely fact that two spouses have the same psychologist, but the story flows. There are sexual innuendos that are not too graphic but still not suitable for young readers. There is also a touch of violence, swearing, and taking the Lord's name in vain. The ending isn't what readers may like, but it's not what they expect, either, which isn't such a bad thing in itself.

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