Friday, April 16, 2010

"Bugs Adventure Series" by K.M. Groshek

"Bugs Adventure Series" by K.M. Groshek consists of "Bug Goes Through the Maze," "Bug Meets His Friend," and " Bug's Trip to the Store." All three books are delightfully geared towards young readers. The yellow Volkswagen Beetle is the protagonist. In his many adventures, he faces his fears, makes friends, and accomplishes tasks. The vocabulary would make this book best for reading along with a trusted adult (not every little kid will know what irate means). The pictures are colorful and lively. Also, there are many traffic-related references that will teach children safe behavior. The text is nice and big for those just getting into reading after leaving picture books. The morals and ideals in the book are fine and should not offend any household. Overall, this book series is great for kids and may even inspire them to one day go into engineering or science. Even though the series is about cars, both boys and girls will enjoy the books.

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