Monday, April 19, 2010

"Adulation" by Tiana Wilkins

"Adulation" by Tiana Wilkins is an unusual book. It is about a student who lives with her stepmother. Her father is dead, and what little family she has left is dysfunctional. When she begins to fail Algebra, she gets a tutor. The tutor also has suffered from close parental death, and the two instantly bond. They fall in love and become a couple. While the content isn't overtly graphic, the euphemisms about premarital sex are enough to make Christian readers twinge in disgust. The plot itself centers around the characters and their dramatic arguments, including a deathly scene at the end. In general, this book has good storyline and the characters have a real feel to them. However, the morals of the book, including abortion and teen pregnancy, will not go over well with Christian readers.

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