Monday, March 15, 2010

"Tracking My Soul" by William H. Odekirk

"Tracking My Soul: A Philosophical Autobiography" by William H. Odekirk is one behemoth of a book. At close to 500 pages, this book is a lot to get through. The first 160 pages or so is devoted to the author's autobiography. Here, he talks about his family lineage, his wife, his career, his memories, his troubles, and so on. Then, there are poems up until page 200. These cover a myriad of topics and seem to read like a journal. Lastly, there is an "encyclopedia of thoughts" that goes until the end. These range from relationships to religion to beauty and more, and they even have an index for quick look-up. These are written in short snid-bits, and they are separated by breaks in the pages. Some of the words may offend government supporters. The author also makes a lot of cuts at Christianity. He does say that he loves Jesus--just not Christians--but he does not make it explicitly clear that Jesus is the only way to salvation; he is a bit wishy-washy on that, which may put some readers off. Overall, this book is interesting in that it chronicles the life of a man and his thoughts. It may not track his soul, per se, but it comes pretty darn close.

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