Monday, March 8, 2010

"St. John of the Midfield" by Garasamo Maccagnone

"St. John of the Midfield" by Garasamo Maccagnone is a highly disappointing read. Judging by the title, one would think the book would be about pure religion tied into exciting soccer detail. However, Christian readers that relish soccer are sadly mistaken. This book revolves around a Mafia family and their eccentricities that just so happens to have a boy who can play soccer. Much fighting is written in detail as a former boxer of the Mafia can't control his temper. More disgusting is how the author introduces almost every female character by the size of her bosom; the fact that affairs and other atrocities are described in detail is fodder for such grotesqueness. Most appalling of all is the small bit of religion tied into the book. Midfielders are compared to St. John because he was selfless; that's fine and dandy. Conversely, when the Mafia characters and sexually immoral characters go to church and have religious icons in their house, such hypocrisy makes readers want to tear the pages. (Sure, while one should not judge unless they are without sin, no good Christian wants the name of their sacred religion to be paralleled with what it stands against in such lewd disregard of grace, penance, and, most of all, contrition.) In short, if readers enjoy soccer and are religious, they should not pick up this book for good reason.

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