Monday, March 29, 2010

"Share from the Heart" by Marilyn Randall

"Share from the Heart" by Marilyn Randall is a children's book about compassion. Two brothers are out gallivanting when one day they see a dragon. Frightened by it, they try to attack it and then run from it. After discovering that the dragon means no harm and only wants friends, the boys talk to it and eventually invite him to live with them / be their extended third brother. There is no explicit sharing in terms of toys or other objects children can relate to. There is a sharing of a house, but that is not the most applicable for young ones. Also, this book is not as overtly religious as some of Randall's other books. The illustrations are basic in nature. While the author means well, this book should not be read by youngsters who will misunderstand it and think it is okay to hug strangers and invite them home when adults are not present (as happens in the book).

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