Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Partnering with Nature" by Catriona MacGregor

"Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth" by Catriona MacGregor is as tree-hugging as tree-hugging gets. The book is all about how people need to get back in sync with Mother Nature. It talks much of spirits, both of animals and plants. This spirituality may not settle well with all readers. While MacGregor juxtaposes the apparent wrongs of the Catholic Church towards nature with its admirable altruism, she does write that many paths lead to the Creator. Catholic and Christian readers can look past her low blow to the Church. Howver, they can not stand by and approve of a salvation that is able to stem from anywhere but the true Lord Jesus Christ. Anyway, the pictures in the book are of the utmost quality and are nice to look at. The poems, interspersed life science material, quotations, and stories both from the author and others are interesting. This book promotes peace, inner sanctity, and many green ways of living. Although, one should not read too deeply into the stories about animal benevolence because overtly trusting a wild animal or drawing close to it may prove to be dangerous, especially if it has some sort of disease like rabies or ticks. Overall, this book is interesting food for thought that will occupy time and possibly lead to relaxation, but it will most likely not be taken seriously.

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