Friday, March 5, 2010

"Is There a Monster Over There?" by Sally O. Lee

"Is There a Monster Over There?" by Sally O. Lee is as cute as cute gets. The story revolves around a little girl named Mabel and her cat Tiffany. Mable, being incredibly afraid of a monster, lives in fear. There are several pages with a monster in different locations of the girl's room, showing Mabel crouching back with her cat. Then, Mabel decides to approach and touch the monster. She finds it is soft and cuddly. Remarkably, she discovers that the monster is even afraid of her. Lastly, the girl, cat, and monster have a tea party together and play. This book has a great message. Unlike books that talk about monsters not existing (little kids won't buy that), this encourages children to face their fears and even befriend monsters using their imagination. The author even made up her own font for this book ("furry monster"). As for the illustrations, they are perfectly fitting for a monster book and drawn in such a style that is hard to put into words; one just has to read the book and instantaneously know the illustrations add to the appropriate mood of the book.

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