Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Happy to 102" by Kathy Johnson, James Johnson, and Lily Sarafan

"Happy to 102: The Best Kept Secrets to a Long and Happy Life" by Kathy Johnson (PhD, CMC), James Johnson (PhD), and Lily Sarafan (MS) is a surprisingly well-written book. While one may think that it is geared to only an older reading audience, young people will be amazed at how they keep turning the pages. The book sheds light on what young people can do now and what they should do in the future (both for themselves, as well as their older parents or friends). The book discusses nutrition, exercise, mindset, social interaction, and more. A chapter even dives into a Japanese area where many live oer 100 and analyzes why this may be. A key aspect that is repeated numerous times is how older people should live in their own home--not a nursing home. The benefits of hiring a caregiver (one that can even live-in at their home or at an assisted living area) are profusely repeated. This is no surprise since the book is published by a company that is known for selling caregivers and their time. However biases or sales-driven this book may be, the authors make good points. Living with caregivers allows older people to enjoy regular activities in their own home with some help. It also reduces the shame that comes with having a family member have to live-in and take care of them. The list goes on but these authors make some great points that will leave readers of all ages wondering about how long they will have and how long they have the potential to live if they actually do something about it.


J.Hawthorne33 said...


Thank you for your kind words about Happy to 102! Would you mind posting this review on We are trying to increase awareness about Happy to 102, especially since we are releasing our newest book, The Home Care Revolution, this summer.

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Dr. Kathy Johnson, PhD CMC

Teresa Konopka said...

It's up on Amazon. Good luck with the release.

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