Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Feather" by Susan Page Davis

"Feather" by Susan Page Davis is a young adult book about children in a clan. One day, as a brother and sister are out picking for berries, the sister is kidnapped by a member of an enemy tribe. The brother wants to rescue her, but his tribal elders tell him to stay put, which makes him irate. The sister is beaten and treated brutally by her captors until they learn of one of her skills. The girl befriends another captured youngster from another tribe, and they both plan to escape. There is drama when the other captive decides whether or not to stay after the tribe accepts him and promotes him from slave to a member of the clan. Additionally, the brother and his tribe learn the power of reading when they make an unusual discovery. This book is full of mystery, drama, and suspense. Children of all ages will enjoy this book, but it may also be suitable for younger readers since there are no graphic parts. The language and scenery really make the native setting and customs believable.

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