Friday, March 19, 2010

"The Bridge" by Jackie Carpenter

"The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and Miracle is Psalm 91" by Jackie Carpenter is based on the true story of Jason Veitch. Basically, the author's son had worked for a construction company. They were having precious supplies being stolen, so Veitch carried a gun to try and scare them away, never intending on hurting anyone. However, one day, the gun went off by mistake and killed a man. Veitch was then sentenced to jail, and a jury was deciding whether or not he would get the death penalty. This book is that story, and it includes photos and newspaper articles that are relevant. It has the interactions and emotions of many close to Veitch. There is also an emphasis on trusting in the Lord, along with important Bible quotations from the Book of Psalms. The author even includes a note at the end about accepting Jesus for salvation. Overall, this book was genuine. It even came with a little pin.

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