Monday, March 15, 2010

"50 Athletes over 50" by Don McGrath, PhD

"50 Athletes over 50 Teach Us to Live a Strong, Healthy Life" by Don McGrath, PhD is a great book. It has a wonderful format that quickly introduces readers to what it takes to be an older athlete mentally, physically, and emotionally. Then, it dives right into the excitement with the 50 athletes over 50. There are copious interviews that are written in a question-and-answer layout. Photos of the athletes are included, too, some of which are whimsically amusing. At the end of chapters, there are even questions for the reader to answer with spaces to write in. These questions serve as stepping stones for the reader to get more active and rekindle their inner athletic passions. What makes this book so great is that the 50 athletes are not all famous and well-known. Chances are the readers may have not even heard of one. Still, this makes the book more riveting as readers discover new stories that could be about them some day. Most of the athletes in this book do not do group sports, but the athletic endeavors will impress nonetheless. Athletes of all ages will enjoy this book.

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