Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Revolve 2010"

"Revolve 2010: The Complete New Testament" is a great Biblezine for girls. Basically what that is a the Bible in the form of a magazine. The text is translated into easy to understand terms, and there are ever modern day colloquialisms inserted. There are parts on the top of the page where Biblical adages are written in "texting" format. Additionally, there are quizzes, advice columns, advice from guys, fashion tips, ecological tips, and more. The pages themselves are glossy, colorful, and quite pretty. There are even are few famous Christian interviews and free downloads. This book is a great way to make the Bible appear more to girls. It is an overall great book. The words of the Lord are inscribed and there are plenty of asides and footnotes to make the reader understand and contemplate said Words. Every girl should own one of these. It will make spreading the Gospel to other non-Christian girls easier and "cooler." Hands down, this book is fantastic!

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