Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Isaac Newton" by Mitch Stokes

"Isaac Newton" by Mitch Stokes is part of the Christian Encounters series. It aims to explore the lives of grandiosely brilliant and influential Christians. Written in prose form, this book reads like a mix between a novel and a biography; it feel like historical fiction but is far too accurate to be categorized as such. Stokes writes of Newton's life, his mathematics, his disputes with other great minds, and his eccentricism. While it is mentioned every here and there that Newton saw knowledge as a form of worship and believed that more in God with every discovery he made, religion is not as dominant in this book as the title of this series would imply. It is noted that Newton did not fully accept the Anglican view of Trinitarianism, but he was an avid theologian and believed in Jesus as God. Many times, it is stated that Newton put the majority of his time into Biblical study, but the particulars of these are omitted. Also, for those familiar with mathematical physics, some parts of this book will feel slow and not as mathematically described as they could be. Despite these facts, readers will enjoy this book and, in the end, realize that if someone as ingenious as Newton chose Jesus as his Savior, they should do likewise.

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