Monday, February 1, 2010

"Angels" by Dr. David Jeremiah

"Angels: Who They Are and How They Help...What the Bible Reveals" by Dr. David Jeremiah is a delightfully candid look at angels from a sincerely Biblical perspective. In the book, the author goes into depth to address several questions about angels, some of which readers would never even have thought to pose. He covers the hierarchy and terminology of angels from the Bible, as well as what it means when the “angel of the Lord” is written of. The famous angels Gabriel and Michael are covered, as well as many anonymous angels throughout the Bible. Angels’ temperament, physique, appearance, and purpose are elucidated. What’s wonderful about this book is that it is brutally honest. It condones the notion of Valentine’s Day angels and guardian angels as merely civilization’s fancy. Rather, the author explains how angels are created by God--not at all equal with God any more than a caterpillar is (example used in the book)--and that they exist to serve God. So, it makes no sense [and is even a bit heretical] for people to pray to angels or seek them out over God. Additionally, the book touches upon fallen angels, noting how God is more powerful then them and is in control always. Much relevant Scripture is quoted, and none of it seems to be twisted. Also, many famous theologians are quoted, along with Calvin (still, the book is very Biblical and can be enjoyed by all [denominations]). Professionally, notes are included, along with an index and list of where angels appear in relation to the Bible. Amusingly, the author also occasionally employs an imaginary / literary angel guide in his book to take readers throughout both Old and New Testament history to account for angels in the Bible.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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