Friday, January 8, 2010

"The Gospel According to Lost" by Sean Seay

"The Gospel According to Lost" by Sean Seay is a riveting read. It dives deep into the jungle that is Lost and does not even come up for a breather. The book briefly explains the concept of the show, its philosophical heritage, and its cultural repercussions. Subsequently, chapters are devoted to characters and their psyches, with the occasional chapter being host to two characters when they are a couple. Not all the personas from Lost are covered, but the main ones plus a few secondary roles are elucidated. Also, there is a full set of glossy pages with paintings of said characters in the middle, as well as black and white photos of these alongside their respective chapters. Seay refers to Scripture when necessary and is very simplistic in his explanations of such. While viewers of lost may be a bit partial towards this book, others will enjoy the ride as they find out what all the fuss is about whilst gaining a Christian perspective on it.

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