Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Gifts of the Heart" by Karen Boes Oman & illustrated by Marilyn Brown

"Gifts of the Heart" by Karen Boes Oman and illustrated by Marilyn Brown delicately weaves strong values into children, especially those of giving to the less fortunate. The story is about a set of grandparents telling a story to their grandchildren. It involves the grandparents buying Christmas toys for their grandchildren. Then, through a series of providential events, the family ends up bumping into several characters from well-known fairy tales. By literary creativity, Oman comes up with scenarios that warrant those characters being in need. So, the grandparents give the toys and gifts to the less fortunate fairy tale persons. Each time they do this, they tell the children that giving to others--especially those in need--is giving from the heart. This also teaches children that those who may seem to have it all on the outside really don't (as is the case with the well known fairy tale characters). This book would have been better if it mentioned God more in the Christmas tale, but, overall, it is quite good with traditionally exceptional illustrations to match.

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