Monday, November 9, 2009

"Stop It!" by Sally O. Lee

"Stop It!" by Sally O. Lee is a charming children's book. It has only three characters, two of which are human. There is a boy and a girl; they are siblings. The girl is quite feminine and enjoys dressing up with her cat. However, the brother is malevolent and both steals the girl's accessories and harms her cat. One day, the girl explodes at the boy, and the boy feels badly. Full of remorse, he gives his sister back her accessory. Then, the sister appoints him as king. This book is simple and fun for little children, especially those just learning how to read. It has the messages that children need to know--speaking up for oneself, forgiving, and obliterating sibling rivalries. The pictures are cute and may inspire kids to pick up crayons and emulate the rudimentary shapes that make up the characters. This book is suitable for both young boys and girls, especially if they are partial towards cute kitties with bowties.

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