Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"The Great Grammar Book" by Marsha Sramek

"The Great Grammar Book: Mastering Grammar usage and the Essentials of Composition " by Marsha Sramek is a fine reference book. It starts off with a lengthily diagnostic test on grammar, followed by subsequent chapters on grammar skills. Everything from verbs to spelling to pronouns to capitalization to syntax to punctuation and more is covered. The structure of each chapter is relatively the same. Examples of the key skill are marked off in boxes. These are followed by prompts for the reader to complete. This cumulates with a review. This book is ideal for students, teachers, or even professionals looking to improve their own grammar (after all, having a comma splice on a resume may be the reason why one does not get hired). This book is quite long, so it is better as a reference book to look things up. However, if readers are audacious enough to go through the whole book, they will be quite rhetorically astute upon completion.

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