Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"31 Girl" by Mary Simpson

"31 Girl" by Mary Simpson is a sparklingly good read. The whole message stems from Proverbs 31. The infamous Bible quote comparing a noble woman to rubies is heavily referred to. The eighteen chapters of Simpson's book range from beauty, friendship, finances, ego, confidence, humility, modest, attitude, motivation, discipline, and more. The glossy pages that stick to a predominant black, white, gray, and pink color scheme give this book extra class. Each chapter begins with a quote from a fairy tale, followed by a description of the lesson with an author's anecdote. Then, a teenage girl's real story is documented in honest prose. Lastly, Simpson includes a prayer and tip for relaxing / grooming / health. Young girls will greatly enjoy this book not only for its girly nature, but also for its Biblical perspective. The girls in the various photos seem real, as if each picture was taken in the moment--not some sugarcoated photo that was staged. Like the 31 Girl Simpson talks about, this book is a gem!

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